Joining Chelmsford Golf Club

Chelmsford Golf Club welcomes applications for membership from existing golfers new to the area, golfers from other local clubs, and keen beginners - men, women and youngsters from 5 years old upwards. Our aim is to provide excellent golfing facilities and to encourage youngsters from the local community to enjoy the game of golf.

Membership at Chelmsford: A non-profit-making club
Membership offers the opportunity to golf throughout the year, to maintain a recognised handicap, to improve through shared culture, and to enjoy the club life. While there are different categories to suit individuals, the Club's main income comes from Full Adult members, and this is the group which makes up the majority.

New applications for membership from Ladies and Gentlemen are always welcome as a number of vacancies come up each year. If a vacancy is available the applicant will be invited for interview from currently-outstanding applications every month.

Click here to visit the golf club website to see more and to get application forms.