Studio Sessions on the GC2 Launch Monitor

GC2 Launch Monitor Gapping Session

How far do you hit your 7 iron?
150 yards by any chance?

The most popular answer I hear is 150 yards from a variety of skill level players. When tested on the launch monitor, almost all the players were not 150 yards and the information you can gather for each club will let you know exactly. You can take this information onto the course and make more sensible course management decisions.

This information will also let you know if there are gaps in your clubs that are too big or too small. Perhaps you need another wedge in your bag, or do you have too many options for a longer shot with fairway woods and hybrids hitting the same length.

Book a gapping session and you will find out how far each of your clubs hit the ball and you can put this into practice on the course.

We use the GC2 Launch Monitor including simulator and software in the indoor coaching centre at Chelmsford Golf Club to accurately assess distances.
1 hr £45
2 hr £70

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GC2 Launch Monitor for Fittings 1 or 2 hour
Quick, easy setup.

With a patented on-screen golf ball identification system and self-leveling accelerometer, the GC2 redefines simplicity. No calibration. No marked balls. Out of the golf bag, the GC2 can be set up and ready to go in less than a minute. The GC2 is also compatible with the IPAD for on screen ball data and statistics.

Verifiable Accuracy.

At the heart of the GC2 is a stereoscopic camera system that precisely captures and analyzes ball characteristics at the most critical point of measurement - club impact - to deliver the most accurate values of ball performance available today.


As a launch monitor, the GC2's large, outdoor-readable LCD display and audio feature deliver ball performance data in real-time, eliminating the need for a separate laptop or monitor to view your data. Plug the GC2 into a computer running simulation software and turn virtually any space into a performance-driven golf simulator.

Indoor and outdoor flexibility.

No other launch monitor solution available today delivers the indoor / outdoor capabilities of the GC2. And unlike other solutions, the GC2 never compromises on accuracy.

Book a Fitting

The launch monitor can be used for assessing your own clubs, comparing your own clubs against new models, working out how far you hit each club, distance control for wedges, club fitting from wedge to driver.

We use the GC2 Launch Monitor including simulator and software in the indoor coaching centre at Chelmsford Golf Club for club fittings.
1 hr £45
2 hr £75

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