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Mark Welch

20 February 2023

PowaKaddy CT8 GPS

Every time you play golf, whether it be at your local course or visiting another, you’ll see just about as many trolleys as you do golfers.

But why are they so popular?

Well, as you can see in the image above, they’re easy to pack up in the car and easy to get out and assemble again. Plus they take the weight off your shoulders so you can walk your equipment through 18 holes with ease and reduce the risk of pulling any muscles. All in all, electric trolleys are worth the investment and make the game of golf more fulfilling.

Through the pro shop, you have a variety of fantastic choices available to you. So, we’re going to break down our favourite electric trolleys from PowaKaddy here to help you figure out which is best suited to your game....

PowaKaddy CT8 GPS

PowaKaddy CT8 GPS Electric Trolley

PowaKaddy has recently celebrated its 40-year anniversary so you can rest assured they know what they’re doing when it comes to trolleys. We’re going to take a couple of our favourite models - the CT8 GPS and the brand-new RX1 - and break down all of their features so you can fully appreciate all the different things an electric trolley can do for you

The CT8 GPS is pretty much your personal caddie when you hit the course. If you're a golfer who uses a GPS watch or handheld device out on the course, this trolley will make you smile. It offers front, middle and back distances to the green, as well as its innovative Drop Flag technology that gives you a precise distance to the hole - all showcased on its highly visible, full colour touchscreen. You can even see all the contours of the approaching green on the crisp screen through the Active Green View technology. Nice!

PowaKaddy CT8 GPS screen

Our favourite feature is definitely its Simple-2-Fold™ technology that makes this trolley a breeze to fold down and stick in the car as the top image shows. If you’re looking for a new trolley this year and want to get the most out of what’s on offer, we couldn't recommend the CT8 GPS from PowaKaddy highly enough.

PowaKaddy RX1 Electric Trolley

Now, this is where it gets incredibly exciting. Last week saw PowaKaddy release its flagship trolleys for 2023 - the RX1 and RX1 GPS!

Both trolleys boast a slimline remote-control handset that has a powerful 50 metre range, giving golfers complete wireless control of their electric trolley from the palm of their hand.  Additionally, the swivel front wheel offers smooth manoeuvring in all conditions, while the Slope Traverse Assist (STA) helps to keep the trolley stable on all terrains. We simply love both of these.


But which is for you?

PowaKaddy range

With so many models available, it can be hard making the decision on which trolley to go for - especially if you add PowaKaddy's five fantastic push trolleys into the mix! So, if you’ve never used a trolley before we appreciate you may want some demonstration of how they work, and we’ll be happy to show you and talk you through the key differences in the pro shop.

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